Sean, Dallas, TX

“I’m an avid year-round runner who lives in Texas, so sweating profusely is just part of the game. Every day my sports gear (shoes, compression socks, gym clothes, etc.) gets saturated in sweat smell, and then is thrown into my gym bag to wash later. Naturally, my gym bag smells like death warmed over. I’ve used other products and just accepted the fact that they only mask the horrible odors of my smelly gym bag for a short period of time, and then I must reapply. One of my fellow runners introduced me to PowerOE and I haven’t turned back since. This stuff WORKS. It’s not just a “masking” agent. It really eliminates the foul odors at their core. Best odor eliminator, by far! No more dirty looks and shrugs from my coworkers due to a smelly, unpleasant gym bag. Thank you PowerOE!”

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