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Don’t just mask your pet’s smell, get rid of it! Use PowerOE Odor Eliminating Pet Shampoo regularly to keep your pets clean, happy, and smelling good.


Your pets can now rest easy! Apply PowerOE Odor Eliminating All-Purpose Cleaner to your pet’s bed for a freshness they’ve only dreamed of.

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How To Clean Your Dog After Skunk Spray

Skunked dog? Try this! PowerOE Odor Eliminating Pet Shampoo cleans and helps eliminate odors and stinky smells from pets. Free of nasty dyes, heavy fragrances and harsh chemicals. PowerOE odor eliminating pet shampoo is safe for your pet and easy to use.

How To Deodorize Smelly Toys | PowerOE

Stuffed animal toys smelling funky? Try this! PowerOE Odor Eliminator Spray works almost immediately. While PowerOE Odor Eliminator spray freshens the air, our products go far beyond being just an air freshener. PowerOE Odor Eliminator eliminates odors using all-natural thymol and other essential oils. PowerOE Odor Eliminator doesn’t just cover it up with harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances and alcohol; it captures and neutralizes the odors at their root. It’s safe and perfect for all of those bathroom odors, smelly gym bags, litter boxes and baby nurseries.