Pat, Castle Rock, CO

“Our family recently adopted a new member to our family – a Jack Russel/Healer mix named Easter. During her first week in our home we learned she has some significant digestive issues. Sparing you the details, it was extremely smelly and messy. PowerOE all-purpose cleaner immediately removed the mess, germs and smell from our carpet. It is now our pet odor eliminator of choice. We now use both the PowerOE cleaner and odor eliminator on all of our household odors: smelly washing machine, yoga pants, kitchen trash container, smelly shoes – everything. It’s the strongest odor eliminator out there. We have yet to be disappointed in the results. Safe and effective, love it!”

Sean, Dallas, TX

“I’m an avid year-round runner who lives in Texas, so sweating profusely is just part of the game. Every day my sports gear (shoes, compression socks, gym clothes, etc.) gets saturated in sweat smell, and then is thrown into my gym bag to wash later. Naturally, my gym bag smells like death warmed over. I’ve used other products and just accepted the fact that they only mask the horrible odors of my smelly gym bag for a short period of time, and then I must reapply. One of my fellow runners introduced me to PowerOE and I haven’t turned back since. This stuff WORKS. It’s not just a “masking” agent. It really eliminates the foul odors at their core. Best odor eliminator, by far! No more dirty looks and shrugs from my coworkers due to a smelly, unpleasant gym bag. Thank you PowerOE!”

Katie, Richardson, TX

I have been battling the horrendous smell of my sons diaper pail for his entire life. 🙂  It was truly a point of frustration for me.  Other products such as Febreze would cover the smell…kinda.  I could always smell something beneath the fragrance of the freshener.  I was on the look-out for a diaper pail odor eliminator for what felt like forever. The first time I used PowerOE it worked, immediately.  The smell was gone.  Better than that, it STAYED gone. ODOR FREE diaper pail. I now have no fear of nearing the changing table!  It is awesome.

Erin, Los Angeles, CA

“Miguel, our 6-yr-old Lab/Chow mix threw up on our couch about a month ago and it stunk! I’m not into using harsh chemicals so I tried cleaning it with baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, Nature’s Miracle, as well as some other pet odor removing tips. Nothing worked. While visiting my aunt and uncle in Hawaii who have a farm and 8 dogs, I asked them what I could use on my couch. They mentioned a natural odor eliminator spray, “PowerOE.” I went online and ordered a bunch of it as it comes in fragrance free and natural scents. I sprayed it on the couch and ahhhhh…no more stinky couch! It’s unbelievable. This stuff can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, smelly shoes, sweaty boxing gloves, stinky gym bags, litter boxes, etc. In fact, I used it in my boxing gloves last night and they smell great!”